Saturday, April 26, 2008

how to become green

Problems from UV radiation like premature aging and skin cancer will only worsen as the ozone layer thins. Global Warming will melt the polar ice caps, disrupting oceanic cycles all over the world causing extreme weather patterns similar to el nino. Coral reefs will die and many aquatic species will die from the growing temperature of the water. Many lowlands in the world will be buried and water. If Global Warming and ozone layer thinning continues, the natural cycles of nature will be disrupted, causing many problems. Going green is one of the many solutions needed to stop Global Warming. These tips for going green are from the New York Times Magazine:

  • Carpooling or using hydrogen or electric powered cars to reduce air pollution.
  • Biking to work uses no fuel or creates pollution.
  • Building roof gardens not just cut food costs, they clean the air, reduce the stress on sewers, and they can cut heating and conditioning costs.
  • Using solar panels to provide energy for your home reduces the pollution your house makes, and can make you some extra cash with the leftover energy by selling it to an electric company.
  • Using cotton diapers prevent extra plastic from going into our landfills.
  • Drying your clothes on a clothes hanger conserves water and electricity, reducing your human footprint.
  • Taking less time in your shower will also conserve water.
  • Using energy efficient bulbs and double pane windows cut down electricity and heating costs.
  • Making sure to turn off unnecessary lights also cuts down the use of electricity.
  • Buy recycled paper, and make sure to recycle plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and paper.
  • Don't buy aerosols with CFC's in them.

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