Sunday, April 27, 2008

New York Times

Today I read an interesting article on the Sunday New York Times. "Some carbon with your kiwi?" talks about how much carbon emissions go into providing our food. For example, half of Europe's peas are grown in Kenya. Shipping Groceries all over the world has a major environmental effect. The EU will have an emissions program by 2012 meaning permits will have to be issued to shipping boats and airplanes for the pollution they emit. In Loire Valley, France, the carbon emissions produced for 1 bottle of wine can be staggering. 210 grams of carbon emissions to cultivate the grapes. 109 grams for the fermentation process. In the winery, 132 grams per bottle from the cooling tanks and pumps. Glass for bottles creates 473 grams of carbon emissions. Finally, 447 of carbon emissions are needed to ship 1 bottle around the world. This comes to a total of 1,371 carbon emissions produced for only 1 bottle of wine! This number doubles for wine made in Napa Valley, California. Scientists still debate the EU program today. Would you rather give up some economic productivity in the shipping business to control and reduce emissions?

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Anonymous said...

Wow. This is interesting. I just shared a bottle of wine last night with friends, and had no idea that I was impacting the environment by supporting the industry. Thanks for sharing this article. I think your blog is great and informative.