Saturday, April 26, 2008

Breaking NEWS!

Narwhals are now also threatened by global warming. Global Warming is caused by Carbon Dioxide, Smog, Nitrous Oxide, Methane, and Carbon Monoxide. As it rises into the Stratosphere, it traps heat energy from the sun. This gradually warms up the planet. This shouldn't be confused with ozone thinning. When CFC's enter the atmosphere, they can remain for years! In the stratosphere, UV radiation hits the CFC atom, and part of it detaches. That is a chlorine atom. When a chlorine atom hits C3, it attracts oxygen atoms to it. The Ozone is now turned into O2 which is Oxygen. A chlorine atom has a stronger attraction to Oxygen than regular oxygen atoms. Once more Ozone is depleted, then more UV radiation can enter the atmosphere and strike earth, causing adverse health effects. Also, in Chicago, a plan to reduce global warming could backfire. Many scientists believe that releasing Sulfur compounds in the air would react with the chlorine in the air, further depleting the ozone layer. Scientists are also saying that ozone thinning outside of the Antarctic has stopped since 1997! Ozone levels should return to normal by 2068 if the recovery keeps up.

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